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Many clients approach us because they don’t have the time, resources or skill set to produce the best quality tender submission for their company. This doesn’t mean that they can’t deliver the contract. It is in fact quite the opposite, with many clients being very well placed to supply the work: it is portraying their strengths and competencies in the bid for the contract that is the tricky task. It requires a specific skill, and this means outsourcing bid management is a common occurrence and something with which we assist firms every single day.Our full bid management service provides a comprehensive solution to suit your business needs. Customised for your business and project needs, our approach is fast, flexible and effective to manage your bid and tender submissions from start to finish.

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GeM(Government E Marketplace)

Government E-marketplace commonly referred to as GeM is the ideal place for businesses to facilitate online procurement of goods and services. Our specialization in GeM includes helping both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and Resellers with the portal registration pr ocess, providing assistance for uploading individual products or services and effectively managing the catalogue on the website. We also guide our clients for bid participation and placement of tenders. Additionally, we will assist you in increasing your winning ratio on GeM by giving you relevant market analysis reports with respect to your category. We take care of the procedure of making indents. Apart from the said benefits, we provide our clients with customized tips to help them grow their business on the GeM portal. Our tips help clients to become noticeable and gain competitive advantage. We also guide companies for MSME registration and help them in getting direct orders via GeM regularly.

Benefits of GeM(Government E Marketplace)
  1. Increase your winning ratio on GeM
  2. Customer Centric
  3. Powerful tips to Increase your direct orders
  4. Analytic Reports
  5. Increase your reach in government departments
  6. Help to keep winning tenders on GeM
  7. Grow your business on GeM
  8. Work Proactive
  9. Capacity Building
  10. Get an edge over your competitors
GeM Logo, Government of India


Tender Management Service

With our tender management service, businesses can outsource their tendering work. We submit the tenders on your behalf and assist you with all kinds of formal procedures. The services include helping businesses to register at various governmental departments, procurement of tenders at actual cost, helping in identifying eligibility or pre-qualification criteria, preparation of tender and necessary documents, a compilation of evidence and online bid submission. With this service, we also provide a complete case study of tenders. We ensure that there is a consistency of content throughout the process. By availing these services, clients can acquire comprehensive knowledge and understanding of online tender participation.

Benefits of Tender Participation Service
  1. Ensuring a Compliant Bid
  2. Avoid painful documentation work, you can continue to focus on your core business
  3. Hassle free tender submission
  4. Ensure consistency of content
  5. Skills Transfer
  6. Support from dedicated account manager
  7. Post Tender Reviews
  8. Reduce your manpower cost
  9. Experienced Bid Writers
  10. Cost Effective